The applications in which AKTI Engineering is involved or offer its services is extensive and includes:


Route surveys and studies for submarine cables (telecommunication or power) and pipelines installation.
Positioning and navigation for submarine pipelines installation.
Positioning, navigation and engineering for submarine cables installation.
Bathymetric surveys for inshore/offshore structures planning.
Geophysical surveys for seabed hazard detection.
Soil sampling for seabed sediments investigation, by means of grabs, gravity corers, and/or boring machines for shallow water.
Geological seabed and sediment isopach cartography derived from combined geophysical recording interpretation with the near-surface core samples soil, characteristics.
Geotechnical engineering for soil characteristic determination and sediments stability for marine pipeline/cable projects or construction foundation.
Seabed investigation to locate geological features (slides, outcrops, faults, etc.) manmade objects (downed aircraft, shipwrecks, anchors, archaeological remnants, or submarine constructions).
Underwater inspection surveys with video recordings from divers or ROVs.
Underwater works such us Non Destructive testing, pipelines installation and maintenance, salvage, unexploded objects surveys and recovery, U/W civil works, submarine cables installation, etc.
Shore dynamic engineering for the pipelines or cables inshore segment protection.
Oceanographic data acquisition analysis and presentation for marine pipeline/cable and construction projects.
Land surveys for large or small scale mapping, digital terrain modelling, construction surveys, as-built surveys, etc.
Geodetic control surveys for mapping, large scale construction, dimensional control, route marking, etc.
Production and processing of Digital Terrain Models (DTMs).