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Bathymetric and topographic survey of wind turbine ship unloading areas at six (6) areas at South Evia isl. (TERNA ENERGY S.A.), 2017.
Bathymetric survey of wind turbine ship unloading areas at Tilos isl. (Dodecanese islands) (EUNICE LABORATORIES S.A.), 2017.
Multibeam Bathymetric survey of Kalympaki area at Elefsina Gulf (ASSODIVERS TECHNICAL, COMMERCIAL & SHIPPING Co. Ltd.), 2016.
Topographic and Multibeam Bathymetric survey of the Marathi Souda, Crete naval base for the installation of Port Security Barriers (U.S. NAVY HARBOR OFFSHORE INC.), 2005.
Post dredging bathymetric survey for the construction of the Thessaloniki Immersed Tube Tunnel (J.V. ELLAKTOR S.A. - BOSKALIS B.V. - ARCHIRODON GROUP N.V.), 2004.
Bathymetric survey and underwater inspection for the installation of geotubes shore protection system at Lagonisi peninsula (GEOACTIONS Ltd.), 2003.
Topographic survey and shallow water precise bathymetry of Lagonisi peninsula coast for the development and shore protection (HELIOS HOTELS S.A.), 2003.
Bathymetric survey for the installation of wastewater disposition pipeline for Patras Town (DEYAP), 2001.
Bathymetric, survey for the construction of the new coastal avenue at Flisvos - Paleo Faliro - Attica (GREEK MINISTRY OF CIVIL WORKS), 2000.
Bathymetric and geophysical survey of Preveza navigational channel for the 1st phase of dredging works (VISTONIS S.A.), 2000.
Seabed mapping and survey of the existing natural gas transmission submarine pipelines between Ag. Triada peninsula and Revithoussa Isl. (DEPA S.A.), 2000.
Geophysical survey for the location of archaeological remnant East of Alexandria ancient port - Egypt (HELLENIC INSTITUTE FOR ANCIENT AND MEDIAEVAL ALEXANDRIAN STUDIES), 1999.
Bathymetric and topographic survey for the maneuvering area of Ikaria island airport (ARCHIMEDES A.T.E.),1999.
Bathymetric survey of Krioneri Bay (PARNON S.A.), 1999.
Bathymetric survey for the construction of the Olympic Marine at Faliro Bay (GREEK MINISTRY OF CIVIL WORKS), 1999.
Post dredging bathymetric survey of Aktio Preveza road crossing (CHRISTIANI & NIELSEN - T.G.C.C. S.A.), 1997-1999.
Bathymetric, geophysical and geotechnical survey for the waste water disposition pipeline installation of Corfu Town (J.V. KORONIS S.A. - CHR. D. KONSTANTINIDIS S.A.), 1996.
Pre and post dredging bathymetric survey of Aktio - Preveza Crossing (CHRISTIANI & NIELSEN - T.G.C.C. S.A.), 1995 - 1996.
Side scan sonar and magnetometer survey for the anchor location of the vessel "PRINCES ARIADNE" (STYGA COMPANIA NAVIERA), 1994.
Bathymetric survey for waste water disposition pipeline for Thessaloniki Municipality (HYDROELECTRICA Ltd.), 1994.
Submarine pipeline and power cable surveying from Sigma Site to Delta complex, oil rigs of Prinos oil field near Thasos island (N.A.P.C.), 1991.
Sea surveying of Revithoussa island south sea area for Liquefied Natural Gas project (ASPROFOS S.A.), 1987.
Bathymetric survey of Rio - Antirio channel for Rio - Antirio bridge project (ISTRIA Ltd), 1987.
Cartography and as built survey of Rio - Antirio channel high voltage submarine cables, by modern electronic technology and diving, for Rio - Antirio bridge project (ISTRIA Ltd), 1987.