AKTI Engineering is an engineering, services and consulting company specialised to the following core activities:


Survey and positioning services.
Marine geosciences.
Offshore geotechnical services.
Marine environmental studies.

The company employs suitable scientific and technical personnel and is supported by plenitude specific co-operators.

It owns special equipment for marine geoscience, data acquisition (computers, positioning systems, geophysical equipment, oceanographic instruments, diving equipment, etc.), enabling immediate and quick activation in most cases of marine projects.


 Christoforou Yannis yannis.christoforou@aktieng.gr
 Paleokrassas Aris aris.paleokrassas@aktieng.gr
 Panagopoulos Nikos nikos.panagopoulos@aktieng.gr
 Tsavliris Lefteris lefteris.tsavliris@aktieng.gr